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Make it easy for team members to thank each other.

Discover high performance and improvement opportunities.

Increase team cohesion across your organization.


Your business loses money with each employee leaving

Employees need constant positive feedback, recognition of their peers and leaders. When they don’t get this, they leave.

Managers are overloaded, and they can’t dedicate enough time to face to face discussion with employees, recognizing their performance.

Peer to peer recognition is broken. Verbal “Thank you” is easily forgotten, and writing an official “Thank you” letter is cumbersome.


Gratific makes it easy to praise your people 

solution 1

The gratific app enables team members to easily say Thank you to each other

Employees open the app and select who they want to praise

They select the right badge and add a brief comment

Within a few seconds, the badge is sent.


Managers have access to a browser based dashboard

Clear overview of team members’ performance and achievements.

Supports appraisal process.

Give the right performance score based on team members feedback.


Gratific is easy to deploy and to integrate

Multi platform application

Integrated with ticketing systems for automatic recognition

Customized badged that represent your organization’s values

Gratific improves morale and saves money


Higher team morale leads
to higher talent retention. 


Gratific can reduce your attrition rate by up to 10% points, saving you money.


Continuous use of peer to peer feedback improves team cohesion.

Request demo with 100% money back guarantee

money back

You enroll at least 100 employees in Gratific

We integrate it with your ticketing and HR system free of charge

We provide onsite training sessions

After three months active usage, if you are not satisfied with the results, we give you your money back.